Welcome to another blog post guys….

Ok then so your a goalkeeper coach and you see a great video on YouTube and think wow this looks great. You then take it straight on to the training ground and then what?

Firstly there are so many videos out there, some good, some amazing, some not so good….

Here are my top tips and considerations…

  1. What age are the goalkeepers you are working with?
  2. What is there ability level?
  3. Will the drills in the video benefit them and develop their goalkeeping?
  4. Is it safe, especially when using hurdles, aerobic steps etc?
  5. Will it work with the number of keepers I have in my group?
  6. Will I need to adapt the service used in the drill?
  7. Will I need to adapt the drill so it will be beneficial for my group?
  8. Have I got the equipment used, if not can I adapt it with the equipment in my coaching kit?
  9. If the drill is suitable and Im working with younger keepers will the drill engage them on an emotional level?
  10. Can I break the drill down if needed and also can I progress it if needed?
  11. When I get to the venue is it suitable to practise this type of drill? ie the playing surface, weather conditions…
  12. Are the group emotionally focused to practise the drill? At grassroots level you need to be very adaptable, I can’t stress this enough! You cannot turn up with a 30 minute session plan and hope it all goes to plan, don’t get me wrong it might work. In my 20 years of coaching Ive learnt to think on my feet very quickly, I have turned up with a fantastic session on paper and then you get the vibe from your students that their not quite in to it for what ever reason. You need to quickly spin it on its head and adapt it quickly, you might after doing that then try and sneak in elements of your session plan back in to the session.
  13. Theres also the consideration of planning the session with say groups of 3 in mind and then you get 8 students turn up instead of 9, this is a common obstacle when coaching grassroots football. This can be easily adjusted by being flexible and having the awareness and open mind to adapt.

Goalkeeper Training in North Devon

These are all considerations when Im planning my sessions with or without the influence of watching a training video, I like to work different topics across a 13/14 week cycle covering all the aspects of goalkeeping at my grassroots academy.

When I coach I like the session to build and progress from breaking the techniques down to expanding them in to game related drills.

A lot of content you will see on Youtube is of Pro keepers so by going through the above list can you take elements to use from it and plan drills that will develop your group in a safe and fun way…

Here are some of my favourite videos on Youtube which I have watched and adapted to work in my grassroots sessions.

Thanks for reading and all the best with your coaching and goalkeeping…


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