With all the country being hit by the winter weather all games and training sessions have had to be called off for many weeks. Just4keepers North Sheffield managed to keep 65 goalkeepers training every week so, whilst all other teams and keepers are having long lay offs away from football my keepers are keeping one step in front, not only by receiving good quality coaching but also getting coached week in and week out.

I managed to get a very good in door 3g pitch for us to train on which meant we could still work on diving as well as all the other areas we coach to help all round goalkeeping improve. The venue was a lot further than a lot of the students normally have to travel to my sessions but i was very happy to see most made the effort and enabled us to produce some excellent sessions.

At Just4keepers North Sheffield i will go to all lengths to make sure you get the best quality coaching at the best venues at an affordable price. For more info on my coaching FREE sessions and how to get FREE and sponsored Gloves please email j4k.paulheritage@gmail.com

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