Please VOTE for young goalkeepers re getting better warm ups before they play!!! (see below)

Recently I went back to one of the soccer fields where I use to play as a child and was shocked to see before EVERY game the poor goalkeepers not getting warmed up correctly.

I know the video is not very good quality but you will eventually see the poor goalkeeper walk into his goal, then seconds later the game kicked off.

What chance does this give our young goalkeepers?

I have trimmed down this video to about 45 seconds but I watched this poor goalkeeper stand there for 10 minutes without getting a touch of the ball.

I am not blaming the managers as they need help but how can our young goalkeepers expect to peform if this is their warm up?

Guys can we have a vote here below and please share if you agree and I will try to do something…. But do you think it should be mandatory for any manager who run a football team to have to take a short few hour course on how to make sure their goalkeepers get warmed up correctly?

If I get enough response, I will happily do a free video before the year is out to help managers to help their goalkeepers.

Please watch video here and vote below.