Everyone performs at their best when their confidence is high no matter what it is you are doing ,also its contagious a confident person can make a confident team.

A football team is built from the back forwards so if you have a confident goalkeeper he will pass this to his defence who are able to concentrate on there game more knowing what happens behind them will be belt with ,so then the keepers confidence is passed on to the midfield and then to the forwards .If you have a keeper lacking confidence your defence will sit back more which stops the midfield pushing up which means the forwards have no help and less options.

A Goalkeeper who plays with confidence will stand out in a game just by listening to him ,he will give out load clear information to his defence allowing them to make early decisions,also he will give out plenty of encouragement keeping them on there toe’s until the end off the game.By giving out encouragement and not just negatives it will help stop your players getting on at you when you make a wrong decision .

The best way to give your keeper confidence is to keep encouraging them even during a bad game their confidence will already be low if they have made 1 or 2 bad decisions, so by getting on at them and shouting at them will not help especially if they are young mistake are always better talked about after game’s and worked on in training you can’t do anything about the mistake after its gone but you can work on it to prevent it happening again.