There are so many goalkeeper glove brands its hard to choose from them all.

And with ever increasing prices are they worth the money?

At Just 4 Keepers we offer great goalkeeper gloves at affordable prices supporting grassroots goalkeepers and their parents.

Top of the range goalkeeper gloves at affordable prices

With the average glove life being around 10-15 games and less if you include training as well it can get very expensive over a season. And as a parent of three kids they do like to lose items and losing a £60 – £100 pair of gloves isn’t much fun!

As a coach I get to see a lot of gloves that my students wear and I can see no real difference in the performance of the more expensive gloves compared to our J4K range.

I fully understand that some kids want to wear what there favourite keeper wears but especially at grassroots level its the parents that have to buy the gloves.

For me its the hands inside the gloves and the cut of the glove would be something for me that would decide which glove to wear. With the J4K range we offer a number of different cuts for all hand shapes.

Other pieces of advise would be to take care of your gloves to extend their life and performance and having 2 pairs, one for training and one for matches.

All the best with your goalkeeping!