How important is your prematch meal?

Your preparation for training and on match days in terms of diet are key to your performance levels.

Your prematch meal is your final opportunity to top up your energy stores and start the game hydrated. The last thing you want heading in to a game is a heavy and bloated stomach.

I have spoken to many professional keepers on this topic and a meal that pops up quite often is scrambled egg on toast with smoked salmon and avocado.

Its a light meal but gives you a good source of protein and vitamins, things to avoid in your prematch meal are red meats and cheeses which are high in fat and harder to digest.

How long before a game should I eat?

Eating 3-4hrs before kick off is a good time period which allows your body time to digest.

Preparation is key

Not only should we look at our prematch meal but what we eat the day before is key in our preparation, research in the early 1970s showed that increasing carbohydrate intake the day before a match significantly increased the distance ran by players during the match itself. So its important we look to carbohydrate foods by consuming cereals, breads, pasta and rice.

Avoid dehydration

Similar to carbohydrate intake during exercise, becoming dehydrated during training and matches can also reduce our ability to perform both physically, mentally and technically. Its important we replace fluids during training/working out and during a match. There are many isotonic Gels and drinks that are great for replacing fluids at halftime, so prepare and have these drinks ready and waiting in your kit bag.

I hope this gives you a little insight for your prematch diet preparation, its not all about what happens on the pitch its about what happens before and after.


Best wishes with your goalkeeping

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