It seems that every week I see keepers turn up at training in their new match gloves! Please guys save your match gloves for the match!!

I’ve seen and tried a lot of goalkeeper gloves over the years and I’ve found that too thin of a palm is no good because it wears faster and stings the hands of young keepers, also too thick and it can restrict their movement.

Pick a mid range glove around the £10-£15 mark and stay away from the big brands if you can. Why? Because the glove in the shop is not the same as the one on the telly!!!

Keepers under the age of 14 should not need to spend over £15 for a training glove and £25 for a match glove.

For this age group try not to get hung up on the spec of the glove a 3mm to 4mm palm is perfect and a nice safe bet is a roll finger palm.

The J4K Reaction Glove fits the bill for a great all round glove for kids and a great training glove for older keepers but watch this space as we also have our new J4K Young Pro which is only for young keepers. And only £10!

Email me in the New Year and these new gloves will be in stock!