neo_ncx-160x160Whats the best goalkeeper glove to buy?

 If i am to be 100% honest, most gloves are the same and most are made in the same factories!

The reason why i know this, is because over the past 18 months developing the J4K glove, i have seen were most gloves get made. which is the same factory (s) as J4K.

Like most keepers, you will have your favourite glove. But the chances are if you look at other gloves on the market, you can find the SAME SPECIFICATION GLOVE in another brand for sometimes half the price!

Ok they may look different, with different colours etc… but they will be the same glove!


And the great thing is, even though you are paying 50% less in some cases, the glove is the SAME!!!

BIG MISTAKE: Never by a goalkeeper glove that the majority of PRO goalkeeper wears.

Did you know that PRO keepers goalkeeper gloves are top top quality, but the gloves that are actually sold in the shops are not as good!

 I bet you never knew that!!!

You will find other companies do this, so shop about as you will be surprised what you will get!

 Honestly, NO glove on the market is worth paying more than £50 for… so do not be conned.

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