What Is The Best Goalkeeper Glove Grip?

A lot of goalkeepers and parents get this wrong, mostly because they get the wrong advice.

Either from an unscrupulous salesperson but most probably from someone who naively gives the wrong answer.

Normally when a goalkeeper asks the question, ‘What is the best goalkeeper glove grip?’ The uneducated answer is normally…

Giga Grip Palm, Or Super Soft Palm, Or Aqua Palm, Or Contact Palm, etc etc and etc

So the answer back, is normally what that person thinks is the best goalkeeper glove grip at the time – And this is not really the answer!

Because when a goalkeeper asks the question, ‘What is the best goalkeeper glove grip?’

Before and answer is given, the question should be, ‘What playing surface or conditions are you playing on/in?’

When the goalkeeper advisors what playing surface/conditions they are on/in only then should the advice be given what is the best goalkeeper glove grip?

You see, if a goalkeeper is playing on a poor surface with hardly any grass, or the pitch is waterlogged, muddy, raining, and or they are playing on artificial fields.

You have to advise what is the best goalkeeper grip for these conditions.

For example, if I know one of my students is playing or training on a field with hardly any grass, there is no point me advising them to wear the best goalkeeper grip on the market.

Because the best grip on the market will have a very soft palm, and so the chances are this soft palm is going to wear away and probably rip, pretty quickly.

Yes this soft palm could be the best grip at the time, but what is the point the goalkeeper wearing this grip, if the palm is only going to last 5 minutes because of wear and tear.

And if you keep ripping your gloves because you are using them on the wrong surfaces, it will cost you a fortune. So you MUST get this right.

In over 20 years helping goalkeepers, I have seen the majority of goalkeeper coaches get this advice wrong –

Because most advise their students about the ‘best grip’ INSTEAD of the best grip for the playing surface/conditions that their student is performing.

Also what you have to be careful of, if you go into a shop or online shop, and state ‘heh what is the best goalkeeper glove grip.’

You are giving the sales person the green light to sell you the most expensive pair of gloves, because you asked for the ‘best…..’

And in fairness, most sales people and even goalkeeper coaches with multiple years of experience, will not even think to ask you ‘heh before you buy, what’s playing surface/condition?’

They will (for the most part) un intentionally sell you and or recommend a goalkeeper glove you do not need. 

Another important factor is the age of the goalkeeper and or what standard the goalkeeper plays.

If the goalkeeper is a young child say under 12 years old, do they really need to be wearing the best goalkeeper grip or most expensive glove on the market? In my experience the answer is no.

And if an older or adult goalkeeper is playing amateur level on poor pitches, again my answer is no, because the playing surface will counter act any decent glove grip.

So next time you ask the question, rephrase your question to What is the best goalkeeper glove grip for artificial surface,’

‘What is the best goalkeeper glove grip for training’

‘What is the best goalkeeper glove grip for playing on poor surfaces’

‘What is the best goalkeeper glove grip for playing in the rain’

You then ‘hopefully’ should get the correct glove!

If you ever get to meet my students, they normally have two pairs of goalkeeper gloves, with different grips.

One grip will be for performing in training and or on poor surfaces and one grip will be for when they perform on excellent surfaces/conditions.

Having two pairs of gloves will actually save you money over the course of the season because you can pick and choose your gloves to the surface/conditions you play/train.

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I hope this gives you a better idea how to ask the right questions, so you get the right goalkeeper glove for the surface and conditions that you are playing.