If you’re looking to improve and get better at something it is important to practice regularly. Goalkeeping is no different. Each week at Just4keepers in Wigan we work on different aspects of goalkeeping at our group sessions. Our topics include: distribution skills (rolling, throwing and kicking) positioning, shot stopping, dealing with 1v1s and through balls, crosses and defending set pieces, angles and diving.


The most important aspect of any session however is making sure the goalkeepers have as much fun as possible and enjoy being a goalkeeper. It is a tough position to play on the football pitch but if the goalkeepers can play with a smile on their face it helps so much. That being said the sessions are also challenging for all in order to help everyone involved improve.


If this sounds like it would benefit you or your goalkeeper please feel free to get in touch today by contacting 07925376537 or my personal email chrischeetham930@gmail.com