Did you know most goalkeepers and parents get this wrong?

And that is in the summer months, keepers tend not to wear padded goalkeeping gear which is a mistake because the ground is much much harder in the spring and summer months in most places.

Goalkeeper wear padded gear in the winter but normally this is when the ground is soft and wet, so padding is not really needed for the most part, depending which country you live..

Also if the conditions are wet or muddy, this only adds weight to the goalkeeping padding.



So, you have this poor goalkeeper trying to move around their goal and on a wet or muddy field, weighed down by their padding and clothing.

So really for the most part keeper padding is not needed on winter muddy fields.

Then in the hot months, goalkeepers tend to wear non padded goalkeeper gear and will wear shorts and a t shirt, which can be a big mistake.

Reason No 1: The fields are very hard, so if a goalkeeper has not mastered their diving and landing technique and they land badly on a hard surface, this can be very painful!!!


Reason No 2: The pain of Grass Burns. Having a grass burn is one of the most painful things a goalkeeper can have. I still have scars on my elbows and hips from the grass burns I got while playing as a young goalkeeper.

So from my personal experience and coaching literally thousands of keepers over the years, I know this is one of the worst injuries a goalkeeper can have.

I know it can be hotter wearing padded goalkeeping equipment in the summer, but you should be wearing padded gear in the summer months… not the winter months.

Me personally, I would rather be  hotter wearing this padded goalkeeper gear but knowing that I have that protection from grass burns and also the impact from landing.

Also, If you are a parent or a coach of a soccer club, you should INSIST your child/goalkeeper wears padded goalkeeper clothing, especially if the grounds are solid and dry!!!

When my daughter was a goalkeeper, I would not allow her to play unless she wore her padded goalkeeper equipment, not matter what

Also another problem, especially the younger goalkeepers, they see their best professional keeper wearing short sleeve jersey and little to know goalkeeper padding, and copy what they wear.

however, the problem her is, their hero for the most part is playing on a pitch perfect, soft wet pitch, so the chances of them getting a grass burn or landing on a solid surface is almost next to zero.

I know its natural to follow in your hero’s foot steps… but sometimes you have to realise that your hers plays on a much better playing surface, so you cannot copy them all the time. (and this is where parents and coaches MUST step in to assit young keepers)

I hope this goalkeeper tip helps… I also know i mention this tip at least two or three times per year because I think it is soooooooo important that I help educate goalkeepers and or their parents who do not realise the importance of wearing the correct padded goalkeeping gear when playing on hard, solid and dry playing surfaces.

So I hope this tip helped guys

Safe goalkeeping!


Ray Newland