How to wash your goalkeeper gloves,

Goalkeeping Gloves can cost as much as boots now and as a keeper they are an essential part of our Kit. People ask me how do I look after them so we get a greater Glove Life.

All gloves wear and tear but by keeping gloves clean and damp will add more life in the gloves.

We as keepers are all individuals and I ask you to look after your gloves as some of us are guilty of playing and just chucking our gloves into our kits bag come rain or shine; this will not help the life of the glove.

This is how to clean yourgloves, soak them in lukewarm water with a pea size drop of washing up liquid( brings dirt and mud to the surface) after a good soak say 1 hour min, massage or rub the palms and back hands to get rid of the dirt. Once the gloves are looking clean rinse them under more lukewarm water or in a new bucket of lukewarm water, ring them out so they are as dry as possible. Then leave the gloves to dry naturally (good place is bath room) DO NOT dry on radiators or the boiler as all gloves should always have a damp palm. this can be attained by putting the cleaned gloves in a pouch supplied with the gloves from new or a plastic bag.

Clean Damp Gloves = Longer Life of Gloves.  For your FREE  Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Gloves visit

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