What do I mean by this?

Our thoughts manifest who we are and what we become, this process can be used towards everything we do and is a powerful tool once understood.

Its like playing a movie in your head with the thoughts directing how the story unfolds.

Quite simply put… our thoughts control our emotions, if you spend 30 seconds thinking of negative things see how your body reacts…

If you think positive thoughts see how your body feels and reacts differently.

Its not rocket science!

Spending time the night before your game, on the way to the game, before kick off to vision how the game will go in a positive way can breath self confidence and give you the ability to go in to the game 100% focused.

I am a big fan of basketball and grew up in an era where Michael Jordan was the ultimate player and stand out athlete in the game. I used to love watching his DVD collection and remember him talking about how he would vision the game going, down to fine detail of each shot.

Winners are winners for a reason, they believe they are winners!

If its in business, sport or being the best mum or dad what separates the best from the rest is the self belief that they are the best. That they can achieve there set goals and go on to greater things and keep evolving.

Why not try this out for your next game?

Vision your preparation, vision your perfect game down to the fine details of each save, each kick…

See how this changes your outlook on the game, your emotions and if you feel more confident in your own ability.

Why not drop me an email and let me know if this worked for you and the results you had. This preparation tool is something that will need focus and hard work like anything else so ‘keep believing’.

And just to finalise this is a great book called Relentless I have recently read which hits home on being a winner and why winners clean up every time ‘well almost every time’!

All the best with your goalkeeping


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