As a goalkeeper, you need to pick the correct goalkeeper glove for your shaped hand.
This is on of the biggest mistakes goalkeepers make (especially the parents buying gloves for their goalkeeping child) and that is, they pick the wrong goalkeeper glove shape for their hand shape.
Number 1 mistake made is keepers buy the glove their favourite professional goalkeeper wears. Now if your pro keeper is a roll finger and you should be a negative cut for example, it is not worth buying.
If you pick the wrong shape glove, this could affect the performance of your game and also the chances are the gloves will wear away alot faster because the shape is not best suited to your hand.
This is why most glove companies will not bother to tell you this information because they WANT your gloves to wear away faster, so you buy again!
Whether you buy from J4K or not, it is 100% definitely is worth reading the information we have put together on the page below as it will help you make a better buying decison.
Hope this tip helps.
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