Top Corner Save

Did you know to learn how to go top corner with your goalkeeper dives in training, it starts from the ground.

What is very worrying what I have seen over the years is when goalkeeper coaches teach their goalkeeper student and they go straight into letting their student dive top corner.

Now this is ok doing this with a goalkeeping student who knows what they are doing and understand goalkeeper technique and how to land safely and properly. But for a young keeper, or a keeper who does not know their techniques this could be very very VERY dangerous because if a goalkeeper does not know how to land safely, they can do serious damage to themselves.

10334290_471318516346792_7446908566003603851_nthe 25+ years of me coaching and playing in goal, I have seen many goalkeepers get injured because their goalkeeper coach did an gk exercise that was far too advanced for their goalkeeping student. So if you have not done the below technique before, please make sure you do before you decide to teach top corner dives. Its called the rocking motion

Once your goalkeeping student understand how to land safely, you can then progress to top corner dives.

Goto and scroll down to see free rocking motion goalkeeping training videos.

Ray Newland