The Life of a Goalkeeper:

I wake up every match day, ready for the game. Will I be the hero? Or will I get the blame?

I warm up for the match, away from all the other players. Cold and feeling distant, wrapped up in all my layers.

The game starts one sided, my team have got the ball. I was ready to show how good I was, but this is no fun at all!

The game is so boring when I’ve got nothing to do. I don’t want them to have a hundred shots, but maybe one or two?!

Everyone else is having fun while I’m stuck here on my line. Maybe it will be more exciting soon, I wonder how long ‘til half time?

The second half is starting now and we’re playing uphill. Maybe now is the time I can show everyone my skill.

Every shot that comes at me I always try to stop. Pushing curlers round the post and knocking blasts over the top.

The ref blows for a penalty, “Come On George!” they all say. Even though it wasn’t me that gave the Pen away.

The striker runs up to it and smacks it with a thud. I stretch, an dive and throw myself. Landing face down in the mud.

I’m not sure if the balls gone in, until suddenly they cheer. The screams of all those parents start ringing in my ears.

We should be winning this game, we’ve just had some bad luck. But instead we’re losing now, everyone must think I suck.

Even if I play my best, Goals make me feel ashamed. Strikers get praise for winning but when we lose, guess who’s to blame.

So the final whistle blows and my chance to shine is gone. I started the day so full of hope but now I’m left with none.

Their manager comes over and says “unlucky son, you tried your best”. I don’t want to hear it, my chins down on my chest.

Maybe we will win next week, we’re playing in the cup. Another chance to show how good I am and pick myself back up.

I kick off my muddy boots and jump into the car. Mum shouts out all chirpy “Are you ok my super star?”

We chat on our way home and mum helps me see, that no matter what the score is, she’s always proud of me.

I’m the backbone of my team, the leader and a rock. But it only takes one shout to give my confidence a knock.

So spare me a thought, next time your at a game. The kid who doesn’t score the goals but tries his hardest all the same.