This is without doubt the most important and difficult part of distribution.Safety in all situations is paramount, so don’t gamble;after all, you are the last line of defence.

All goalkeepers must be able to deal with moving and bouncing balls in a confident manner, and dealing with the back pass is a major part of the goalkeepers role. In each situation, the goalkeeper must adjust the angle and distance between himself and his defenders ready to receive the ball. You should try to play the ball wide of the goal.

Assessments have to be made about each back-pass, and judgements made on the following aspects.

* speed of the ball—-distance and angle between the ball, keeper, attacker and defender————whether to play the ball with one or two touches.

Composure and control will help you to decide how many touches he will require to distribute the with complete accuracy. The defenders should know the goalkeepers stronger foot when passing back. It is important that the goalkeeper doesn’t close down the space of the approaching player. The keeper should create an angle  so that the defender can play to the keepers favoured foot. Have a picture in your mind of where you want to play the ball, play the ball to the side and distribute with confidence.

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