When striking the ball , the top and inside of the foot are used. On approaching the ball, aim to connect with the bottom half of the ball with your non-kicking foot at a distance of approximately 9in to the side of the ball. This distance will help you to keep your balance and put extra force into the kick. Your head should be steady with your eyes fixed firmly on the ball. Aim to kick the ball between the fullbacks and the centre-half either side of the pitch.

VOLLEY  Holding the ball at arms length, drop it on to your kicking foot. Do not toss the ball into the air, as this will increase the chance of missing your connection. Your weight transfers forward into the ball, which ensures a solid strike through the ball. This kick can cause difficulties for defenders, as the the ball travels a greater distance and with added height.

HALF-VOLLEY …Timing is vital for this kick. Use the same technique as for the volley, but this kick involves the ball being bounced and then kicked, producing a low trajectory, which will gain speed and should be a much more accurate kick.

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