Once the keeper is in control of the ball, there is nothing more frustrating than losing the ball through bad technique or a lack of concentration or vision.
Distribution is an area where goalkeepers are now expected to keep possession when kicking or throwing, becoming the true 11th man. With the back pass rule goalkeepers need to be comfortable playing the ball with both feet and be able to pass with accuracy, as well as knowing when and where to the use the correct type of distribution.Nothing can be left to chance so plenty of practice is needed to improve your technique.
THROWING.  Their are four main techniques of throwing,each of which must give the player opportunity to control the ball early.

UNDERARM THROW.Your starting postion must be with the back bent in a crouching postion, with the back leg bent slightly and the front leg stepping into the direction of the target. The ball is released with an underarm bowling action. This technique is used for short balls to fullbacks, or into midfield when time and space allows.

The ball is placed in the palm of the hand with the fingers behind the ball.The arm is raised and bent to the side of the head.As the arm is brought forward, the fingers push through the ball with the body in line with the intended target. The ball is released at the highest point, which helps to inject speed and create a quick, flat trajectory. This technique in my opinion is mainly used at a higher/top level. David James is very good using this technique.
The keepers body must be line with the direction that the throw is to travel, with the weight on the back foot.The other foot should also be pointing in the direction the ball is to travel.In a bowling action with a straight arm the ball is released at the highest point, and in doing so the weight now transfers to the front foot. The body weight must follow through to the ball from the keepers feet, not the shoulders.
This is an excellent technique for throwing great distances with a low trajectory.The ball should be held at arms length and at shoulder height, with the body weight on the back foot.The weight will change to the front foot as the arm is brought around the side of the body and released just in front of the keepers.

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