The goalkeeper glove con

For the goalkeeper students and parents of our students who know J4K well and also myself, they will state that the advice that myself and J4K offers is always genuine.

And even if myself or J4K advises our students and parents and they go elsewhere, we are not concerned because to me/J4K it is more important to give our students and parents the correct advice, rather than tell them what they want to hear. (what most other companies do)

One thing I am ALWAYS advising our students and mums and dads, is what gloves to buy. (Or not to buy to chose a better word!)

It really annoys the pants off me how so many keepers and their parents pay way over the odds for goalkeeper gloves!

More And More Goalkeepers Are Unhappy with the price of goalkeeper gloves 🙁

Me personally, and from someone who has been around goalkeeping for over 30 years… if your paying more than £50 for your goalkeeper gloves, you are paying over the odds.

In fact, I would say if your playing for fun, you only need to pay between £20 and maybe £35.

But if your serious about your goalkeeping, maybe about £30 to £50.

But you do NOT need to pay anymore for your goalkeeper gloves!!!!

Seriously, for the most part goalkeeper gloves get made in the same factories, so you are for the most part buying the same gloves.

Only difference is, one company charges more than the other!!!!

That’s it!

When a glove company states they have this new amazing technology that will change your game, or they state they have some new supa dupa palm that will improve your game, this is nonsense!

 Did you know when most companies state they have a new palm, for the most part they only change their palms around and then just rename the palm likeJ

The new Vertex 500 plus palm! For example, then they charge you for the privilege of this jazzy new name..

So when a glove company states they have all this technology in their glove and that their gloves are the best on the market etc etc… again I say nonsense!

All gloves get made more or less in same factories, so for the most part most gloves are exactly the same.

 So my advice is if you’re a goalkeeper (or parent of a goalkeeper) try to stick to a glove brand that ONLY does goalkeeper gloves. A company that sells in other sports for the most part, their gloves are just another product.

Whether you chose J4K or another company, this is fine. But just make sure you chose from a company that is 100% invested in goalkeeping.. Nothing else.

Then seriously, just stick between the price structure I have already advised because if your paying more than £50 for gloves, you are paying too much!

 Especially on grassroot fields, a £30 goalkeeper glove will be just as effective as a £100 glove!

So please do not fall into this trap of over paying for your goalkeeper gloves!!!

Hope this tip helps you save money 🙂