Goalkeeper coaching in Bolton is here

More and more goalkeeper coaching schools are popping up which shows that more and more people want to be goalkeepers. So which goalkeeper school do you choose? The cheapest, the closest one to you or maybe the one your friend goes to.12190904_1090946790915741_3794249693673101220_n

At Just4keepers we don’t only just coach goalkeepers, but we help them with FREE goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper clothing, goalkeeper scholarships, goalkeeper jobs and more.

We training every week throughout the year to make sure every keeper can improve each week.

Just4keepers are opening a new goalkeeper coaching session in Bolton at the brand new 3G pitches at Hacken Lane. We will be working alongside Bolton Lads and Girls club to make sure every junior club in Bolton can get the right training.

If your a goalkeeper aged 5 to 18 and you would like to take part in a fun and non pressured goalkeeper training session then contact Lewis Bishop




We have put together below 20 top tips on HOW TO BECOME A GREAT GOALKEEPER.


  1. Stay in your set position when your goal has a threat.
  2. rush off your line to narrow down the angle and make your goal look smaller.
  3. Focus on the ball, rather than the player who has the ball.
  4. Time your decision making.
  5. Wait for the striker to make a decision. Don’t go to ground until the very last second.
  6. Distribute the ball in different ways. ie throwing, kicking or passing.11731668_10153177503334849_8875558903429321459_o
  7. Don’t rush your goal kicks. Stay in control.
  8. Communicate with teammates before passing the ball.
  9. When you have the ball see if there’s a chance for a quick attack.
  10. Practise goal kicks with both feet.
  11. When you can play the ball from the ground and to the feet of your teammates.
  12. If you have to parry a shot, try and parry the football away from any player and to the side.
  13. Always be ready for a shot.
  14. When moving around your goal be fast and light on your feet.
  15. Step towards your save. When you dive, dive diagonally to the ball.
  16. When needed try to use your hands rather than your feet.
  17. When catching the ball keep your arms bent and do lock your arms.
  18. Be aware of your position in the goal.
  19. Imagine a line drawn from the middle of the goal to the player with the ball, stand get on that line.11866446_1049148898428864_6059699831319775516_n
  20. After every save get back to your feet as soon as possible.


We hope you found these 20 tips useful. At our weekly keeper coaching classes in Bolton we discuss and teach all of the techniques and situations above.