I want to personally Thank You for J4K Gloves and the whole J4K Program!  My son, James, started with J4K of East Nebraska 16 months ago and has greatly improved his skills.

When we signed him up for the program, he was excited to get a free pair of gloves.  Little did we know that J4K gloves would be his preferred glove!  We used to spend up to $150 for a pair, and because we were purchasing up to 4-6 pairs a year, that adds up!  Now we don’t cringe when he needs a pair or two for training and games throughout the year.

My son is a senior in high school and is looking to go on to play College soccer.  He will continue to use the J4K gloves.

Pictures of James (below) wearing his J4K gloves – Senior Pictures

Picture Of James Enjoying his J4K;s