When ever I devise a session for a certain topic my first thought is to make sure at some point during that session my keepers are working at a high tempo,  whether it is part of the warm up or within the topic itself!

Tempo drills should always be short and sharp, keeping quality in their work and forcing them to be quick around the goal. It is massively important that goalkeepers are Agile, Athletic and Quick as he/she will be making constant adjustments in relation to the ball. The quicker you can get into line with the ball to be set, the better the chance of a step to push, or reaction to deflection. If your slow to get into line or your movement is not sharp you mostly always will be moving when the ball is hit!

I personally try to keep all drills as match realistic as i can, making sure that they deal with situations within the goal in training that they will more than certainly face in a game situation, all at match pace!

Once you gain the ability to work at match pace within every session, will not only make  you quicker in and around the goal but also help you save things you never thought you could!!

Again Tempo in a session does not mean up and down for an Hour as this never happens in a game, we work in short, sharp bursts of quality!! not quantity!!