Starting Positions in Relation to the ball.

Keeping a high starting position within a game is vital to a team shape.

If a goalkeeper keeps a high line it allows the team as a whole to defend high up the pitch, 

rather than allowing the opposition to play in their attacking third.

If the back four have to drop deep this may detatch them from the Midfield and allow the

formation to be open and spread, creating gaps for the opposition to exploit.

As a goalkeeper can see the whole picture, he/she must ensure that against

possession of the ball the defending players are in correct positions and are aware of

attacking runners and unmarked player, so constant communication is vital.

Move with the ball! Goalkeepers must move around the 18rd box in relation to where the

ball is on pitch, dont be caught going in straight lines backwards and forwards, if the ball

goes to the left side of the pitch the goalkeeper be on the angle that is a straight line from  

center of the goal straight to the ball, this will allow them to gain a good starting position if

a through ball is played down the sides.

Positive starting positions create positive decisions!! if a through ball is played and the

goalkeeper is in a positive starting position, it will create a quicker and positive decision

and reduce the chances of him/her being caught in two minds.

A positive decision doesnt always mean that the goalkeeper comes and deals with it, if 

he/she feels that a defending player can deal with it, and it’s safer for them to do so then

making a positive decision to stay may be the better option!

Confidence can be the deciding factor when making decision or keeping a high starting

position in and a round the goal. The dread of making a mistake or being caught in “no

mans land” can force a keeper back, so this is where a good coach comes in. Take the

pressure off them by assuring young goalkeepers that mistakes will happen and that they

will only get better with their decision making through learning from them!