One of the most common issues i get asked about when speaking to my keepers is goal kicks.

This is through no fault of there own or of there respective clubs, it is just an area of goalkeeping that never gets the focus it deserves and requires.

How many times have you seen an outfield player taking goal kicks because they can kick the ball further?  How many times have you seen a keeper make a brilliant save but not kick it past there penalty area? Goal kicks are a very important aspect of the game and a good kick can be a brilliant weapon against teams!

We give our keepers pointers every week about the best ways to take goal kicks and the importance in practising them regularly. A few simple things can help improve a keepers kicking;


1- Positioning the ball on the ground correctly: most grassroots pitches are bobbly and ensuring the ball isn’t placed in a divot or dip in the pitch is important. Pick a spot on the ball to aim for and have that spot facing you at the bottom of the ball.

2- Run up: Alot of keepers run ups to the ball will be different depending on size of stride and speed of run up. My keepers practise different run ups until they find the perfect one that feels comfortable when you kick the ball and gets the best results. Different steps back, different angles, different run up spee etc.

3- Start your run up with your standing foot next to the ball and have it about a foot away from the ball to allow you to arch backwards when kicking. When you make contact with the ball make sure you step through the ball with your kicking foot.

4- PRACTISE: A good goal kick wont happen over night and only by practising when ever you can will it improve.


These are only a few simple hints and there is a lot more to taking a goal kick than just put the ball down and kicking it. We are J4K surrey know the importance of practising goal kicks and are always helping our keepers to improve.

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