10945694_973237359377338_4002891963193801934_nWith only 2 months till the J4K Summer Residential’s this post is to show you what we got up to at our Easter Residential this year.

Below are some pictures and videos showing you about the camp. We were visited by Crazy Catch, Pro Deflect, J4K TV, J4K USA Scholarships and Leicester City FC. With all this going on keepers still managed to fit in ^ hours of goalkeeping each day 3 fantastic meals each day. The Keepers also had the chance to sit and talk with our J4K coaches about areas of improvement,goal setting and much more.

If you are interested in attending one of our summer camps please email matt.nash@just4keepers.co.uk today!!! we have plenty more special guests and our New J4K Glove Range.



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