Suffer NO MORE!

Over the years, I have heard so many heart breaking stories from parents, who have been totally frustrated trying to help their goalkeeping child, because they have had to deal with idiot coaches and or football (soccer) clubs and idiots shouting nonsense from the side-lines at their child etc etc etc.

And for parents who I have helped who have had their goalkeeping child at a professional club and had issues, problems and only heartache, I could comfortably write a book!

Seriously, pardon the cliché, but if I received £1 or $1, for the times I have helped out a parent with a question, issue or problem, I could have bought a luxury penthouse in the Whitehouse seriously!

It can be very very difficult for a parent helping their goalkeeping child, especially when they know very little about goalkeeping, and they think their coach does. So that’s why for the most part they suffer, because they think their coach is best advising their child.

But when a parent realises that 95% of coaches do not understand goalkeeping themselves, (through the J4K FREE education training for parents that we do) this gives the parents so much confidence to help their goalkeeping child, because they know with our guidance, they are in a much better situation than what they first thought to help their goalkeeping child,

So if you’re a parent of a goalkeeper, please watch the short video below that explains what we do to help, and go to this link to watch more videos to help you as a parent.

Also, if you know of a parent of a goalkeeper who is going through issues I write about here, please do the right thing and forward them this post!