It’s that time of year again when games start to be called off due to the weather, and when games are on the conditions are usually really cold. These are hard conditions to play in for us goalkeepers, while all the other outfield players are running around we’re left to stay and guard the goal in the freezing cold. There are ways we can stay warm however, as soon as we get cold there’s no way back so it’s important to be proactive and plan for the worst weather!

Here is a list of top tips for keeping warm when playing in goal –

1. Wear a base layer underneath your kit – There are loads to choose from and you can often get one in the same colour as your keeper kit to match, even padded ones. I find the skin tight ones are best, there are lots of different types so have a search and find what suits you best. Popular makes are Nike, Underarmour and Skins but Just4Keepers have just launched their own base layers which are padded for extra protection and are made available at a much cheaper price than the so called “big brands”

2. Warm up in a hat and pants – There’s nothing worse than that first dive onto the wet grass, wearing some old tracksuit pants for warming up will really help. They can get really heavy however after lots of diving as they hold water so be sure to take them off before kick off.

3. Keep your match kit dry for as long as possible – You could bring your kit in a plastic bag or have it in the car ready but don’t put it on until just before kick off. So many times I’ve seen goalkeepers shivering before kick off because they’ve been warming up in their match kit and now have to stand around for 90 minutes in a wet kit.

4. Staying on the move – During the game there will be times when the ball will be out of play or up the other end of the field. We can’t switch off as a goalkeeper however and a great way to stay concentrated and also warm is to do some jumps, skips, side steps, running etc around your area. Make sure you always face the match and never turn your back when doing these as you don’t know what could happen next. If we stand still for an amount of time the cold will get us.

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