Statement From J4k Founder Ray Newland

I have Just been made aware of the comments I have supposedly stated on twitter. I have been in business for 20 years now, and NEVER in this period reacted to comments online or attacked anyone personally (even when I have had good cause to do so).

For people who know me personally, know I rarely go online, never mind read or comment on people who are attacking myself or Just4keepers because this is what these guys want… a reaction.

So this is something I would never do in a million years. Sadly people who do not know me personally will buy into this nonsense but for the hundreds and thousands of people who do know me, will understand this is just complete nonsense and I would never even comment.. nether mind comment in the manner that has been quoted.

I now obviously need to find out, who and how these comments have appeared on my just4keepers account, because at this stage, I have completely no idea, as I have only just been made aware of this. So I will be contacting twitter.

I have to laugh about the 100k template comment. Anyone who knows J4k and myself, can personally see that we give away more free goalkeeper gloves to children, than any other glove company globally. So for me to make a comment like this is just complete and utter nonsense as how can I have 100k templates when I give away thousands of pounds worth of gloves to children each year.


I think it is also about time I go public with what has been happening the past 12 – 15 months because like other comments made on social media about me, Just4keepers, even my wife and daughters in the past, this is just another personal attack.

Only a few trusted people know this as I do not believe in broadcasting what goes on personally all over the internet. But I now feel I have to go public because people need to know the nonsense that has been said about myself, Just4keepers and even nasty comments about my wife and daughters, over the past 12 plus months.

I cannot go into great detail because this is going through the courts..

But in brief, a premiership goalkeeper and an ex coach of Just4keepers offered to buy J4k.

When I turned down their offer, I was subject to threats which forced myself and my wife to sell our family home, and we also had to move our 9 year old daughter out of her school.

It has been a horrendous 12 months, but I, my family and just4keepers have soldiered on, helping hundreds of people change their lives, without disclosing what we have been subject to.

Since I refused to sell J4K, there has been numerous personal and nonsense comments made about myself, my family and Just4keepers on social media.

Too date, I have never commented on the nonsense that has been wrote about me, my family or Just4keepers. (so why would I start commenting now?)

I do not state this to pull on peoples heart strings, but myself and just4keepers have helped thousands of goalkeepers and their parents save money, and we have also helped to build homes for people in need in other countries.

And we are about to start a campaign to help a 4 year old raise £50,000 for hopefully lifesaving treatment.

I would never normally disclose what I personally do but I am sick to my back teeth of getting attacked by people online, just because they see the success that myself and just4keepers are having and I notice some of the people fuelling this so-called tweet I supposedly made, are connected (and also related) to the people who attacked me, J4K, my wife and daughters in the past.

I also believe the account that is fuelling this was only opened the 9th March. So you draw your own conclusion from this.

The truth is, I am hurting the glove company market because while I am giving away free gloves, these companies are raising their prices. So simple put, they want me out the picture.

Like I said above, I rarely go online and I am so so against putting personal information also online but I feel I now need to go public.

However, I will continue to help and do good things for others, and I know the people who know me and just4keepers personally, will take no notice of what I am positive will be more personal attacks in the future.

I would also like to thank the overwhelming support I and J4k have had to date.

UPDATE: I have actually not read these so called comments i supposedly made, but I believe the twitter profile that has fuelled this only opened the 9th March, has also put my personal email on their comments.

So please ask yourself this question, how can someone I have never heard of have my personal email address?

……….   …………..

May I thank you all for your kind words and support. These attacks and comments have been going on for over 12 months now but I/J4K are obviously doing something right. For the people who have seen these comments/ attacks, they all have commented that they can see this is obviously personal.

Also, I cannot thank the many MANY people who are prepared to step forward and campaign and help, re you finding out my family and I have been forced to sell our family home by what has being going on.

For people who know me closely, I never take anything personal online, so for the people who want to get involved and help, please email or PM me.

I am not going to comment any further personally on this page, as just going to move on.. but I would like to thank in advance anyone who comments their support after I have made this statement. I am now going to enjoy the rest of the Easter holidays with my family J


Re the nonsense on twitter over Easter. Please below the message I received from twitter over the weekend. They have now actually closed down this account, as it was basically a false account set up, so they could attack me and J4k.

We are obviously doing something right guys. Also, who I feel is behind all this, his mum has been making comments on my facebook accounts, trying to get my friends use his company. Lol ..So it is obvious these guys are just desperate now if this is what they are doing. I am doing this through my lawyer but it is just business as normal guys.

Message from twitter:


Thank you for contacting us about this issue. 
We have reviewed the account you reported and have locked it because we found it to be in violation of the Twitter Rules: https:/ If the account owner complies with our requested actions and stated policies, the account will be unlocked.
If you would like more information on how to control your Twitter experience, see this help article: