Supporting grassroots goalkeepers….

Just one of the many keepers that I have been blessed to coach over the past 13yrs with Just 4 Keepers.
Jack joined J4K aged 7yrs and now aged 18yrs he attends the Watford FC Westfield Football Academy and he’s also a pivotal part of the J4K NW London coaching team.
Coaching young footballers is such a privileged position, your working as part of a network to shape and build the foundation for them to grow and flourish.
It maybe just 1 hour a week you get to see the individual but that time can make such a difference.
With their being far more pressure now on young kids growing up football and other sports can be a real sense of release where there emotions and worries can be put a side and they can get lost in something they love.
I think this is massively important, the lessons that can be learnt within sport can be used in life. Leadership, confidence, preparation, learning to win and lose, team work and the list goes on.
Many of my students have gone on to be great coaches, and that makes me really proud.
To inspire them to believe they can achieve anything they want is something I really enjoy as a coach and mentor.
To have countless students staying as part of your academy for over a decade speaks volumes for the work you put in as a coach and its something Im very proud of.
Thanks for reading
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