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The goalkeeper is the last line of defence, but also the first line of attack. I am not advocating attempting to dribble the entire field starting from your own goal like Amadeo Carrizo, but a quick restart to the attack can be very effective. After a save is made, the keeper must quickly look to break out and start the counter. This is especially true after the Laws change of July 1, 2000 eliminating the four-step limitation and requiring the goalkeeper to put the ball back in play after 5-6 seconds.

Distribution can be done two ways: throws or kicks. Both have advantages for certain situations.

Quick Summary – Kick Distribution:

Hold ball with both hands
Step into kick at slight angle
Plant foot should point towards target
Drop the ball
Kick straight at target and follow through

Goal kicks: Approach at a slight angle
Goal kicks: Plant foot behind ball
Goal kicks: Foot angled outward to get under the ball

Mistakes to Watch For:

Run-up uneven/too long/too short
Tossing the ball in the air
Plant foot pointing wrong direction
Kicking foot swinging around body instead of straight
Poor follow-through
Goal kicks: Approach/foot angle too straight-on
Goal kicks: Plant foot too close to ball

Quick Summary – Throw Distribution:

Roll – most accuracy, least distance
Javelin throw – medium accuracy and distance
Javelin throw starts from beside head
Sidearm throw – medium accuracy and distance
Overhand throw – least accurate, most distance
Overhand throw must keep hand on top, elbow locked
Roll fingers under ball at end to provide backspin for javelin and overhand throws
Throws should have low trajectory and hit the ground a bit before they reach the receiver

Mistakes to watch for:

Ball drops from hand to ground on roll
Step with same side foot on roll
High, arcing throws that are difficult to receive
Javelin throw does not start behind head
Ball not secure between palm and forearm on overhand throw
On overhand throw, elbow not locked or bends halfway though throw
Overhand throw not given full 180-degree rotation
Poor release point on overhand throw

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