A lot of my students and parents have been asking me for the best ways to spend pre-season ,should they have a brake from goalkeeping or just carry on right though until the season starts again.

My advise would be to keep ticking over the days are gone when professional footballers spend 6 to 8 weeks with their feet up or sat in a pool bar all day whilst on holiday putting on weight and getting out of shape.

Yes slow things down its been a long hard season and your body will have taken some stick so it needs time to recover,but with no game’s and no pressure to perform this will happen on its own.

Use the time to your advantage work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths no one is ever good enough to stop improving ,there is always someone behind you working just as hard to take your place so why make their job easier keep them on their toes by staying on yours.

So how do you rest but also improve ,as a young keeper you still have a lot to learn a can also forget what your have already learnt so if you have 6 to 8 weeks away from football when you start back you have to remember what you have already learnt before you can start improving again so why stop keep learning a be one step in front come the start of the season not rusty and stagnant .This is why at j4k North Sheffield i taylor my sessions in pre-season to keep you learning but also giving your bodies a recovery period,i hear a lot of coaches talk about over training in my opinion you can never over train ,you ether train right or wrong by this i mean if you train wrong for a long period of time then yes you will suffer both mentally and physically but if you train in the right way at the right time you will recover and improve.

For the older keepers use this time out period wisely spend some time in the gym doing non impact exercise’s improve your strength and flexibility anyone one who wants a training program let me know.

A lot of injures i got in the early part of my career were just after pre season due to my body getting used to doing very little over the holidays so i learnt very quickly that to help reduce my injures i could not let my body get to used to doing nothing.So i kept going though the off season i even took a ball on holiday practising my handling and my top corner camera saves in the pool,they were the days when i could get up to the top corners!

So if you are not already a student at j4k and live in the North of Sheffield , Barnsley , Rotherham , Wakefield and surrounding area and what to keep improving as a goalkeeper when all others are sat at home playing on f.i.f.a why not get in touch and come and have 2 free sessions to see for your self.