One of the most important things for goalkeepers, is you still MUST get padded up when you train and or play in a game. Or if you are a PARENT of a goalkeeper, you must make sure your goalkeeping child is wearing the correct gk gear……
Sadly what most keepers do is copy the gk gear what that their favourite professional goalkeeper wears. But guys, YOU CANNOT do this because for the most part, the playing surface most grassroots goalkeepers have to play on, is NOT like what a pro keeper plays on. A pro keeper for the most part will be playing on a carpet of a soft field, that is watered…
But guys, answer this question, are local/council fields the same playing surface as a professional field ? I REST MY CASE.
Actually guys, out of interest, how good is your local/council field?
This is why I cringe when I see young goalkeepers playing in short sleeve goalkeeper jerseys on local fields without any grass!
To find out more why I think it is soooooooooo important to get padded up, goto and see video 6 on the list.
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