Match gloves

Whats the best match glove out there. I am ask this a lot, almost every week.

Goalkeepers now have so many gloves to chose from and with this brings high spec gloves (match gloves)

and lower spec gloves(training glove). Now pro goalkeepers will wear match gloves for both matches and training as normally they are supplied or sponsored(click here for J4K Sponsorship).


So to save money most young keepers have a match pair and a training pair. Match pairs costing around £30 and training pairs costing around £15. Keepers normally train more than they play so training in match gloves will increase wear and will increase your costs. If a match pair is looked after they can last over 2 months (1 game a week).


The best match glove i have played in is the J4K Pro Roll and the top training glove has to be the J4K Reaction, these gloves are roll finger gloves and are pictured.

To see our full range of match gloves and to read how to be sponsored please click on the link below

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