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Congratulations J4K GK

J4K DEVON & CORNWALL ??? AMAZING NEWS? Congratulations to James who has been offered an apprenticeship at Plymouth Arygle FC? James was with me at PAFC CofE ,with his great attitude and willing to learn he soon progressed to the academy where he’s been for the past couple of years. James came to me at Read more

Above Average keeper ? Get Your 50% Off This Week Only Spam

If you follow me and or J4K, you will know that I am always harping on about the importance of doing extra training, even if this means on your own. And this is why we created to give keepers with hunger to achieve their dreams – the edge over their competition! In the 20 Read more

What Is The Best Goalkeeper Glove Grip? 

What Is The Best Goalkeeper Glove Grip? A lot of goalkeepers and parents get this wrong, mostly because they get the wrong advice. Either from an unscrupulous salesperson but most probably from someone who naively gives the wrong answer. Normally when a goalkeeper asks the question, ‘What is the best goalkeeper glove grip?’ The uneducated Read more

Three Top Goalkeeping Tips

As lockdowns seem to be thankfully coming to an end and schools are starting up again next month… Hopefully the powers that be will have the common sense to allow team training once again (Even if it is outdoors like most other countries now do.) So what can you do over the next 3 to Read more

Goalkeeper Training in Canterbury

NEW VENUE | CANTERBURY REGISTER NOW 2 WEEK FREE TRIAL Just4Keepers Southeast are excited to announce the opening of our brand new centre in Canterbury. We have been leading the way in developing young goalkeepers for the past decade and a half now and have helped thousands of grassroots keepers across the Southeast, reach their Read more

free online goalkeeper training course

FREE ONLINE GOALKEEPER COURSE: One of the most important and VITAL skills a goalkeeper needs to learn is how to become mentally strong. If you look at any goalkeeper now playing top flight, you will see that they ooze confidence in themselves. And the great news is, just like you can develop your muscles to Read more

You never give up

IMG_1408 DB900EBF-993A-4FCE-B54D-D84908FD6FD2J4K DEVON & CORNWALL ??? If at first you don’t succeed,you try AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN until you get it right,be positive and believe in your own abilities. Max is one of my youngest GK and sets a great example,not only do we coach goalkeeper techniques,we also work on confidence,self belief,mindset all so Read more

J4K Female GKs

 J4K  DEVON & CORNWALL ??? The female game is massive and getting bigger & bigger each year,J4K Devon & Cornwall are lucky to coach some superb female goalkeepers ,so whether you just want to train for fun or have dreams to chase we’re here to help you achieve your goal. Contact

Practise Practise Practise!

I’ve been asked many times what makes a keeper great, my answer is practise. The best keepers in the game today are the best because they practise at every given opportunity. A keeper can be the most technically gifted player but if they don’t practise they will not make it. Practise doesn’t mean to be Read more

Joining J4K

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