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Professional Goalkeeper J4K Gloves

Ivan Ivaylov Dermendjiev who plays for PFC Slavia Sofia, getting ready for his training session. Only in his J4Ks.

Hardwork pays off

Congratulations to these 3 GKs who have worked very hard over the past weeks,all being rewarded after a trial with a place at Plymouth Arygle ADC,

Finger Save Goalkeeper Gloves – Or No Finger Save

Finger Save Goalkeeper Gloves – Or No Finger Save Over the years I have been asked this question thousands of times, and even though I am not a fan of finger save goalkeeper gloves, there is a time and place that these gloves can and or should be worn. The video below explains in more Read more


If you are a goalkeeper trying to improve your goalkeeping for whatever your goals and dreams are, or you a parent of a goalkeeper trying to help your goalkeeping child, you will most probably find a lot of your training, you have to do on your own as a goalkeeper.   I and J4K have Read more

Technique over anything else

Something we focus a lot on here at Just4Keepers is our diving technique. We believe that it is so important to work from the ground up to really perfect that falling technique. Especially when just getting back into training after a lay-off or when the ground is rock solid! • This is important work for Read more

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching can be challenging work and much like many other professions requires years of experience to gain the attention to detail needed to be able to identify faults. It also requires the confidence and perseverance to be able to put these faults right in a guiding and supportive way.

Goalkeeper DIY

If you are a goalkeeper and you are looking to achieve your goalkeeper dreams, whether that’s to become a semi or professional goalkeeper, gain a college scholarship or just to be the best goalkeeper in your league, if you are not doing something EVERYDAY to better yourself as a goalkeeper, your chances will be very Read more


One of the hardest things for goalkeepers to get right, is when to catch, and or when to punch! Even for experienced keepers this can be hard, because it is a split second decision that needs to be made. Instead of me writing a long post, check out the quick video below. Also the advice Read more

Joining J4K

If you're interested in becoming a coach for one of the world's best goalkeeper schools, we'd love to hear from you.