IMG-20130501-WA0001Kids Goalkeeper Gloves


When buying kids goalkeeper gloves in sports shops a lot of the cheaper goalkeeper gloves around the £10-£15 mark may look good but the most important part of the goalkeeper gloves is very thin and not durable.


The glove palm of a goalkeeper glove is the most important part. when the glove palm is thin it can make goalkeepers hands cold in the winter. The palm will be a poor shock absorber, so the goalkeepers will fill the strike of the ball (this may sting).When the thin palms become wet the goalkeeper will feel this faster than in thicker palms .


Wear and tear on thin palms are very fast as they are normal 2mil thick some pro gloves are 6mil thick, which helps with the life of the palm


J4K Gloves have the Championship Range designed to help all the above issue while offering good value for your money all the palms a 3m-6m thick.


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