Last week our goalkeeper training sessions were based around footwork

A keeper without footwork is like a car without wheels

DSC_5137We were looking at the speed of footwork, how to use your footwork, how to move your footwork, where to put your weight when improving your footwork and how footwork could improve the save ratio for our goalkeepers
I believe footwork is the most important part of the goalkeeper it’s no good having really great hands if you cannot get your feet across to use the hands

Very fast feet can get a goalkeeper out of trouble

This week we exposed our goalkeepers by dragging them in and around their goal trying to get them to understand the fundamentals of getting down the line of the ball
If the keepers could not get down the line of the ball i.e. a dive would be needed. We looked at how they moved the foot work towards the ball and lead off the front foot because goalkeepers can’t just jump they need to get little foot work in before they commit to the dive this will in turn increase the chances of making the save
The sessions were set up very complicated so that the keepers had to think while using their feet the saves were easy because we were trying to isolate the goalkeepers footwork

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