One question I am asked more than anything is how do I get my son or daughter scouted by a Professional Club.


I have worked for a Professional Club as both a Scout and Goalkeeper Coach, so I know at first hand how the Scouting Process works with the Professional Club.


Scouts find it incredibly difficult to Scout Goalkeepers because they either are unsure what to look for or the game which they may see the Goalkeeper in does not allow the Goalkeeper to shine as their team may be to good for the opposition.


As a result I have been contacted by numerous Professional Clubs around the Yorkshire area. The clubs have requested access to come into my Goalkeeper Sessions and to watch my Goalkeepers in an environment that the Goalkeepers are comfortable and have the opportunity to shine.


This has just begun to take place and already some of my Goalkeepers have been contacted and invited for a trial at a  local Professional Club.


If you would like to give your daughter or son the opportunity to be Scouted by a Professional Club, please give me a call on 07824 098165 or email me on