J4K Success Story – Ex Student Now Working Full Time.

This is one of my proudest moments to see ex J4K goalkeeper student Sam Mass take over the reigns of his own J4k Goalkeeper Coaching business.

What is unique about this story is Sam started with Just4keepers as a young goalkeeper student aged just 10 years old and came to the very first Just4keepers goalkeeper class way back in 1999.

Sam studied as a goalkeeper with J4K for 10 years before having a short break to do start his studies before coming back as a part time J4K GK coach.

He then worked very hard up the ranks, coaching under J4K coach Scott Tyan before being handed the role of his own J4K business.

Sams dedication shows any young goalkeeper that if they put in the hard work that they to can reap the rewards.

See Sams video below with J4K Founder Ray Newland.

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