If you a goalkeeper or parent of a goalkeeper you will know just how expensive goalkeeper gloves are not getting.

To be honest as a goalkeeper myself, starting in goal when I was eight, then being a professional goalkeeper for 10 years THEN being a J4K goalkeeper coach for nearly two decades I would like to think I have seen it all when it comes to goalkeeper gloves.

Do not get me wrong, some goalkeeper gloves are worth the high prices but in my experience, most are not worth the money.

Most young keepers (or their parent) make the same school boy error mistake and purchase a pair of goalkeeper gloves that theie favourite professional keeper wears. This is a big no no guys as the chances are you are not getting value for money!

This is why I am so so proud of J4K and what we try to achieve for goalkeepers, goalkeeper coaches and their parents, and that is providing quality goalkeeper gloves but at a price that will not hurt the pockets of our customers.

As well as providing the J4Kgoalkeeper gloves at great prices, we are also very proud that Just4keepers provides more free goalkeeper training than any other similar organisation globally.

Just see the quality of the gloves below… and also do not forget to book in to get your free J4K goalkeeper training session nearest you.

J4K – Proud to be different!