Just4keepers has helped so many people adhieve their dreams or improve their lives, below is a excellent story of how J4K changed the lifr of one family in kenya. J4K – Proud To Be Different!

For long as a professional footballer in Kenya I have always dreamt of living better and comfortable life for me and my family.

I tried various businesses but I was always disappointed by the revenue I collected and since my passion was in football I never gave this businesses the required attention as I did not believe I could make an income out of goalkeeping, while helping others.

Things changed two and a half years ago when I met Ray Newland  and he introduced me to J4k , Ray taught me how to manage my business and finances , this is what many companies will never do. Ray never asked for nothing in return which is unusual in our greedy day and age and he also made sure I was ready and through him I met many J4k coaches from all over the world and everyone  was there to see my business successful by making sure I was always on the right track . I was then introduced to Paula and Ash ,whenever I had questions or needed any help they would call or email me immediately , this made me really positive and ready to be part of this great family (j4k) .

Since then I have never looked back , and as we speak my income is growing ,I’m the biggest glove supplier in Kenya , I live a life that I only dreamt of , my son goes to one of the best schools thanks to J4K, I have started a lot of projects through my j4k business thats helps me to help people less fortunate  . Thanks so much to J4K, Ray , Paula and Ash for my life changing opportunity you gave me and my family . I’m proud to be different .



George With His Family.