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Goalkeepers TLC in new clothing
Article was posted by Monique Westra on 12-03-2018 - 14:06
LEEK - The goalkeepers of vv TLC have been put in new clothes by three sponsors; Justforkeepers.nl The Netherlands from Leek, Sanidirect Groningen and F.A.N. Finance from Tolbert.

The goalkeeper coaches received clothing from the brand J4K (Just4Keepers). The clothing set consists of an orange / black sweatshirt with sponsor Sanidirect, a black polo shirt and black short shorts.

In the shop of Sanidirect, at the Peizerweg 84 in Groningen, manager Eric Wieringa, a sweatshirt and a bunch of flowers was handed over to Bert Aalders from J4K NL. Peter Berg (trainer) and Tom Degen (trainer) are missing on the photo.

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