If you are truly aware of our values and missions, you will know that J4Ktries our best to change the lives of young goalkeepers around the world with our goalkeeper coaching and training (and also helping mums, dads and goalkeepers save money on their goalkeeping gloves.)
So when this picture was sent in attached this week,  it really made the J4K team sit back and realise the good we are doing worldwide with J4K.
Here is an amazing picture of father and daughter goalkeeper team, Ross and Zoe brought together by goalkeeping and J4K.
This did make everyone at J4K very happy, that we are helping parents and their children connect in small way. Especially with all the technology children have in this day and age, its hard enough to get their head up away from their video games at times, but here is an amazing picture with a father spending quality time with his daughter.
To J4K (as I am sure it is to Ross ) this is just priceless.
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Ross and Zoe enjoying some happy memories together 🙂
Have a great day!
J4K – proud To Be Different!