Hey Ray and J4K

I have been meaning to share something with you sir for a while. I don’t think people understand completely how good and durable your Just4keepers goalkeeper gloves are. Attached are my high school keepers gloves. He used another big branded goalkeeper gloves last year and they lasted half a season. He switched to j4k goalkeeping gloves this year because i made him, because i know the quality and they will save him money 🙂

i just felt i needed to email you and state these gloves have already seen over 200 saves this season in games. Not including the 5 days a week goalkeeper training practices he has with me. Top notch hands down. Even he loves these gloves so much. Just thought I would share it with you.

From one goalkeeper coach to another, thank you of thinking of goalkeepers and their coaches with quality and your price point.

A very happy goalkeeper coach and goalkeeper student 🙂

goalkeeper gloves