Rob+Elliot+Crystal+Palace+v+Newcastle+United+pOjE2Ox9USJlThe main difference with Just4keepers to the majority of other online stores is that The Goalkeeper Glove Shop is a store ran by goalkeepers, for goalkeepers. So because we are keepers ourselves we make certain that our prices are very fair and a J4K glove that is £45 for example, would be £70 plus in another dearer brand.

So with the J4K goalkeeper gloves you are getting high specification glove, for a very decent price. This is why our goalkeeper glove is becoming so popular within the goalkeeping scene globally.

Pro Roll Back-150x150

Pro Hybrid Bak-150x150








The BIGmatt-IngramGEST difference with J4K, is Just4keepers started off as a goalkeeper coaching schools in 1999 and is now the leading goalkeeping academy globally. And the reason why J4K launched their keeper glove range is because we wanted to service our students Internationally because they were getting fed up paying high prices for their goalkeeping gloves. However because goalkeepers worldwide see that J4k is trying to offer something unique and different, J4K is now just as popular with non J4K students and PRO Keepers.