Edwin Mukolwe was born in the slums of Nairobi in 25th Feb 1997 , thing turned to worse when he lost his dad at the age of 10years, and he had to drop out of school due to lack of school fees,  the only place he could get happiness was coming and training with J4k,  we saw something in him and decided to take him back to school and he  became out full time student . His dream has always been to work hard to become a professional Keeper and to move his mother out of the slums.
He completed his high school in November 2016 and was always in the field to practice twice a day until he was called for trials with one of the top teams in Kenya (AFC LEOPARDS)in January 2016, this was a dream come true to him, he trained with the team for two weeks and they offered him a 3year contract,  he got a junior national team call up and was the number one keeper,  he fulfilled his dream  to move his mother from the slums with his first salary.

He has been the biggest beneficiary of J4k Donations and this has really motivated him to work extra hard.

Edwin is currently in the senior National team camp.  He is one of the biggest names wearing j4k gloves and his favourite glove is the Anarchy Fury.

Thanks J4K for changing his life.


Edwin 20160526_213101 FB_IMG_1464287599242


Edwin Mukolwe in action thanks to J4K

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