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Its not Just About Football
The biggest thing for me as a coach is to make the sessions fun and to have the students feeling 10 feet tall when they leave. If their having fun and training with a smile on their face this breeds a healthy environment to learn and develop. Goalkeeping can be a daunting task for keepers of all ages so its very important to understand this as a coach and be able to mentor the students attending the sessions as much as help with their goalkeeping development.

When we look at a child’s mindset and emotions its certainly not just about the football and this must be at the forefront of the coaches mind. Each child is different and as a coach seeing my students once a week for an hour it can take time to learn their personality and this is a challenge I love. Its fantastic when a student you have coached goes on to sign for a professional club but to see a student come in with limited ability and low self esteem and then to see the transformation over the weeks / months really does make you smile and be thankful for the role you play as a coach.

I have students that have been with me for 12 years and its great to see that growth from crying when conceding a goal to driving to sessions and attending University or going in to full time employment.

Its incredible and a real pleasure to have an impact for that length of time to a young persons life.

I pride myself on not only coaching goalkeepers but mentoring the individual.

A video with some of the students who attend the J4K Ealing session.

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