At j4k Barnsley I pride myself on have a family  friendly atmosphere not only can the kids have fun and develop there goalkeeper skills the parents also play a major part here is the Addy family all showing off there j4k gloves off with pride .

Having a young son and keeper myself I can relate to the parents who stand on the side lines week in and week out wishing there kids have a good game so not only do I boast a vast amount of experience from a goalkeeping and coaching point of view I also have the same experiences as most other parents on a weekend or match day all this is incorporated in to my coaching sessions to help develop every young keeper I work with.

J4k Barnsley is now the biggest goalkeeper academy in Barnsley with 30 keepers training every week at Shaw lane sports ground and its down to the families like the Addys that bring their kids every week and stand in the cold that makes the academy what it is so i would like to thank all the parents for your work and bringing your kids every week .addys