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Because there are a few  goalkeeper schools in operation now in Staines and Surrey Areas, it is a nightmare which is the good ones to attend. BUT you are in luck because there is goalkeeper coaching school in Staines and Surrey that is attached to the leading keeper schools in the world, Just4keepers.

The majority of goalkeeper coaching schools in Surrey, Staines and indeed throughout England and even worldwide copy Just4keepers goalkeeper coaching formula because it’s so successful!

Even though Just4keepers Goalkeeper Coaching schools is duplicated worldwide it cannot be emulated as its success is second to none. And over the past 15 years, Just4keepers goalkeeper coaching schools has achieved more than any other similar organisation…

1. Assisted OVER 250 grass root goalkeepers get to professional soccer clubs
2. Has over 550 combined years professional goalkeeper playing and coaching experience between the Just4keepers coaches.
3. The Just4Keeper goalkeeper coaches have played over 10,000 professional soccer games between them selves… that’s OVER ONE MIILION PROFESSIONAL GOALKEEPING HOURS ON THE SOCCER FIELD.
4. Have their own goalkeeper glove brand out
5. Are the only goalkeeper schools in the world on iphone APP downloads
6. Have sold ebook’s and DVD;s in OVER 10 countries